Tutors help students score well for AEIS Singapore

Tutors help students score well for AEIS Singapore

A large number of employees of multinational companies relocate to singapore due to better professional opportunities with their families. The children have earlier studied in an educational system which is very different from that in singapore. Since the education system in singapore is extremely competitive and comprehensive, students have to undergo the admission exercise for international students (Aeis) test to check their eligibility. More than three thousand students give the AEIS Singapore every year, and the pass percentage varies. Some information on the aeis exam and how to pass it are provided below. 



Since passing the aeis test is essential for getting admission to primary and secondary schools in Singapore, it is important for the student to get a good score. The exam mainly tests the proficiency of the student in English and Math. For English, the student has to write an essay and answer multiple choice questions which test the grammar and vocabulary. There are different aeis exams for primary and secondary students. The math paper consists of 34 multiple choice questions, twenty short answer questions, and 10-15 open questions. For some years, the pass percentage for students has been fairly low, with only one fifth of the students passing the exam.



Since only students who pass the aies get admission to Singapore schools, parents want to be sure that the student does well. Though the parents may be well educated, they often are extremely busy, due to which they cannot spend time teaching their child. They are also not familiar with the aeis and how to teach the child so that he or she scores well in the exam. Hence parents should hire a specialized aeis tutor to coach their child for the exam. Usually a home tutor is preferred who will visit the student, and personally train the child for the exam.



In some families there is more than one child, so the family may find it cost effective to get one tutor for all the children. The parent should check the proficiency of the children in English, math and decide the extent of help required. In some cases, the children will require help in both subjects, while some children may need coaching in only one subject. So based on the requirement specific to the family, the parent can post his requirement for an experienced aeis tutor who will ensure that all the children pass the admission exam for Singapore schools.


After the parent has posted his aeis tutor requirement at champion tutors, along with his location and rates, registered tutors can apply for the job. The parent can review the profiles of the tutors applying for the job, the number of students they have taught to select the right tutor. Typically experienced tutors who have trained a large number of students for the aeis exam will charge more. So depending on the academic record of the child, a suitable tutor can be selected. The parent can pay the tutor for his services by bank transfer or cash, according to his convenience. 

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