Top Barcode Scanners and Label Printers in Singapore

Top Barcode Scanners and Label Printers in Singapore

A barcode is a machine-readable code, usually numbers or a pattern of parallel lines on a commodity. They are used to quickly identify merchandise and are typically used in retail stores as part of the purchase process and in warehouses for tracking and managing the inventories. Information stored on the barcodes varies from item price, weight, date of manufacture, expiry, manufacturer’s name, and any other customized information. All items around the world have a unique barcode.

Barcodes in Singapore are commonly found on price tags in retail stores, food and beverage outlets, and magazines in libraries. The best Zebra barcode scanner comes in handy optical scanners that capture QR codes and printed barcodes. They then analyze the barcodes image data and later pass the content to a digital source such as a laptop. Zebra barcode scanners come in 2D barcode scanners, corded, uncorded, and handheld scanners. Here are examples of 2D zebra barcode scanners available in Singapore for your company’s business needs:

2D barcode scanners

  1. OPTICON L-46

The L-46 is an exemplary performer, especially when scanning a moving object since it allows for smooth scanning of the item. It is handheld and comes with a sturdy stand.

  1. OPTICON L-22X

The 2D image scanner operates at 100fps and is equipped with modern design aspects. It is built to fit the hand comfortably, thus delivering expected results.

  1. OPTICON OPR-3201

The OPR is not a 2D but a 1D laser scanner whose auto-trigger function makes it as good as the 2D scanners. It comes with a complimentary stand which allows a hands-free scanning approach and an instant operation system.


This zebra barcode scanner virtually tackles all barcodes ranging from HD linear to 2D barcodes. It is the ultimate tough area-imager scanner. 

Barcode label printers

Label printers are essential in retail and warehouse companies to aid in the management of inventories. They generate high-quality, unique, and machine-readable barcodes. The barcode printer ribbons create sticker labels to paste on goods to ease data collection for the inventory. Thermal label printers can be integrated into a company’s existing systems to enhance productivity and improve decision-making. Here are some of the most flexible and durable label printers available in the market:


The ZD420 Series is a speedy 4-inch thermal printer that is easy to use and manage. It is the only thermal printer that offers both a ribbon cartridge model and a standard ribbon for fool-proof and split-second installation. It notifies you when the ribbon needs replacement. It also has 5 intuitive status icons which give the workers a glance at what is required to keep the printer running. One can easily add serial and Ethernet connectivity options on-site without taking the printer out of service. It is thus helpful for maximum functionality and strong investment returns.

  1. TSC MH240 series

The model is the TSCs mainstream industrial barcode label printer. Its features include a premium printhead technology, a faster processor, and more than enough memory to print high-quality labels at an incredible speed. Enhanced print quality through the thermal start control tracks and precisely calculates the time taken for each pixel to heat, thus providing accurate, crisp labels at all times. Its multiple resolutions capability allows it to print various labels in healthcare, electronics, jewelry, shipping, and distribution industries, thus making the model ideal for industrial duty printing.

Other quality TSC label printers to go for our MB240 and MH240 Series.


Zebra barcode scanners and label printers allow flexibility and a smooth transition into any system. They are easy to use and manage daily. Their compatibility with computers and smartphones makes it easy to access data 24/7.

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