New York Skin Solutions Review: 4 Skincare Myths Debunked

New York Skin Solutions Review

As the most visible part of our body, it is no wonder that many people are eager to take in advice or try products that promise to help them achieve their desired skin condition. While we often rely on the recommendations of loved ones or make our own judgments based on online reviews, it is easy to be deceived by misinformation circulated in the skincare world. This may potentially subject our skin to harm. Want to delve deeper and distinguish fact from fiction? Skincare expert New York Skin Solutions reviews and debunks four skincare myths below to prevent you from falling victim to these common skincare pitfalls.

Myth 1: High Ingredient Percentage Equates To High Efficacy

In an era where new skincare brands enter the market frequently, brands race to release products boasting increasingly high percentages of beneficial ingredients that supposedly make their products superior to that of competitors. Getting products with a high percentage of good ingredients may appear to be a logical move to get more visible results quicker. However, many skincare ingredients also have different recommended percentages at which they deliver the best results, depending on the chemical form that they are in. As such, a higher percentage may not necessarily represent a corresponding increase in efficacy. On the contrary, the notion that more is better may do a greater disservice to your skin. An example is retinol, also known as vitamin A. This ingredient is commonly used in anti-ageing products to stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, as this skincare MVP also has an exfoliating function, using an excessively high percentage of retinol may cause skin thinning.

Sometimes, skincare ingredients may be tricky to formulate and deliver their promised functions. This can be said for vitamin C, an antioxidant that brightens and protects your skin against ageing. Notorious for being unstable, this ingredient easily oxidises and loses its efficacy upon exposure to heat, light and humidity. In fact, it was observed in a study that vitamin C showed signs of breaking down when humidity exceeded 80%. This is approximately equivalent to the amount produced by the steam from a hot shower. Thus, a high percentage may not ultimately translate to consistently high efficacy.

Tip from New York Skin Solutions: It is recommended to review and understand the properties of the skincare ingredient that you want to try before purchasing your products. You can also go for treatments at clinics, as the skincare ingredient will be delivered to your skin fresh from small vials, ensuring that it is used when it has the highest potency.

Myth 2: Homemade Natural Products Achieves The Same Results As Natural Skincare Products

There are many skincare products marketed as natural, but they are ultimately still formulated with stabilisers to ensure that the product retains its function over time. Thus, homemade skincare products that incorporate fully natural ingredients boasting multiple benefits may intuitively appear safer, gentler, and equally effective in comparison. However, this discounts the fact that the skin barrier only allows extremely small molecules to be absorbed by the skin. Thus, natural home remedies, which lack the ingredients added to ensure that your skin can effectively absorb the active ingredients, may be less effective in achieving the desired results. In addition, certain ingredients that easily break down upon exposure to light or air may also require a special delivery method to keep them stable long enough to deliver results to your skin.

Tip from New York Skin Solutions: It is advisable to keep to products and treatments offered by professional brands. If the element of ‘natural’ is of concern, you can review the products in the market and opt for those that do not include unnecessary synthetic ingredients.

Myth 3: Eye Creams Can Address All Eye Concerns

Eye creams can diminish the appearance of fine lines around the eye by hydrating the skin around your eyes such that it appears more plump. However, eye creams may offer little relief for concerns such as puffiness and dark eye circles. This is because puffiness stems from excessive fluids under the eye, and dark eye circles may arise from various reasons, such as poor circulation. While self-massaging may help in these situations, improper techniques can injure the fragile skin around your eyes, resulting in various other issues.

Tip from New York Skin Solutions: Seeking help from trained professionals may be useful in such cases as they can harness their experience to identify your eye concern, review solutions and administer the appropriate treatment correctly.

Myth 4: Consistency Is Key

The condition of our skin can be affected by anything from gut health to weather change or stress. Thus, when a skincare routine is inflexible, your skin may not absorb and respond to the skincare products applied, causing these expensive products to be wasted. Nonetheless, switching products too frequently can lead to skin sensitivity.

Tip from New York Skin Solutions: It is recommended to review your skin condition periodically to identify its needs and adjust your skincare routine accordingly.

Takeaways From New York Skin Solutions’ Review

It can be challenging to distinguish a skincare fact from a myth when we are fuelled by the desire to get a quick fix for our skin. Moreover, even if there is an element of truth behind these myths, it can be based on exaggerated data or one-off experiences. Are you guilty of some of the above skincare mistakes? Fortunately, uncovering the truth behind these claims is already a step towards better skin. Always remember that everyone’s skin type is different, and what works for one may not be effective for the other. Thus, it is best to listen to your body to identify the right routine that can help you achieve your ideal skin condition. When in doubt, do your research to ensure that you are empowered to make an informed decision about your skincare.

To help you work through your skin concerns better, you can also consider seeking professional help from experts such as New York Skin Solutions. Trained specialists can better diagnose your condition and provide tailored skin treatments backed by glowing reviews from others who have experienced them, which gives you peace of mind. At the end of the day, the journey to achieving great skin requires constant adjustments based on reviews of how your skin reacts to products and treatments. With a little more attention, thorough research, and professional advice, everyone can achieve their desired skin.


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