How much does it cost to install a 2 room bto interior design?

How much does it cost to install a 2 room bto interior design?

How much does it cost to install a 2 room bto interior design in Singapore?


Whenever you decide to refurbish your 2-room bto home, it is imperative to have a general idea of how the final interior design will look. However, it is easy to figure out a modern interior design that can give your home a decent and contemporary design. Still, the fact is that implementing such work isn’t as easy as it appears. Yes, most home renovations project in Singapore usually a costly affair, although the cost may vary from one project to another. For instance, the age, the condition, and the extent to which renovation is to be done determine the cost you incur. Besides, if you are going to do away with significant construction elements such as the dividers and wall, be assured you will have to spend more, and hence you will need to allocate more funds to your project. However, a typical home renovation project in Singapore will cost roughly from $ 55,000 to $ 60,000 for a moderate newly bto flat that requires upgrading before the owner relocates in it. The good news is that the total cost for renovating a 2 room flat is relatively lower than the Singaporean average costs but be assured of incurring some vast monies.


It is amazing how the various interior designer experts in Singapore are working smarter to offer seamless renovation services, especially those involving a 2 room bto interior design and renovation services. Today, most clients in Singapore can access the most reasonable renovation prices. Some of the reasons why we offer some of the most affordable interior design services in Singapore including but not limited to;


Accurate projection and planning.

Our interior designing experts can handle planning for any space, reliable project management, perspective drawing for carpentry works, on and offsite project supervision, handling all legal permits and documentation, simple and complex color scheming and proposals, kitchen arrangements, and planning, among other critical renovation activities. Whether it is an urgent project such as power gas piping to a simple task like coloring, be assured our team will handle the project from the start to the end.


Solution to any space.

We are a multipurpose renovation company that can handle any renovation package at any area of your property, says from the dining area to kitchen area to bathroom and bedroom.

Our projects are fully customized to rhyme with the client’s unique interior designing preferences and demands. You immediately give us the green light to execute your projects; leave the rest for us, the management, and finalize the renovation project.


Perfect finishing touches.

Although most renovation companies do not like handling the cleanup tasks after completing construction or renovation projects, our team understands how it is essential to run a clean project for our clients. We clean up and ensure a thorough debris removal so that your site is spotlessly clean after completion. This means you will walk into your new apartment and start enjoying a luxurious living space. Please don’t take our words for granted; we understand how to maximize your 2 room bto interior design’s appearance to make it look like a super luxurious living space.

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